Kassia Lueck

My experience as a Realtor with Jessica has been above and beyond what my expectations were.  She has a talent that I’ve never worked with before.  I send her quick snap shots of the space and she fills them perfectly every time.  Not only does the rooms look good, they have purpose. She definitely makes my job easier when it comes to imagination for my clients.

My favorite job that Jessica has done for me was her most recent one.  The home was a recent remodel and she had never even seen the place before.  I sent her several pictures of the rooms and when I went back to the property she superseded what I had originally imagined.  The way she made the house looked lived in in the most fashionable way.  My clients were so pleased that they plan on buying several pieces after the property sells.

The most significant change that I’ve noticed since working with Jessica is that she is getting faster each time.  Which doesn’t seem like much but us Realtors wanted everything done yesterday.  She is ALWAYS ready to help out in a more than timely manner.

Jessica definitely helps take my business to the next level.  I really do count her as part of my team and wouldn’t ever want to do my job without her.  She is talented to say the least. I can’t picture how she does it but she pulls it off every time.  I hate when people ask who does my work because selfishly I don’t want to ever have to share her.  She’s that good.  Any client that Jessica will ever work with will be pleased.  The hardest part is letting go and letting her do her thing.  But I’ve yet to be disappointed.


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October 3, 2018

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