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I have always been a hard worker with a big heart and boundless energy. A person born with the gifts of compassion, empathy and intuition. As a result, in my early career, I jumped with both feet into the world of service.  I went to school for social work and completed my Masters in Community Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling, ultimately becoming the Executive Director of our local United Way. I wanted to help others and this turned out to be a safe route as it took the spotlight off of me.

As I’ve gone through my own transformational process, I’ve realized in my pursuit to be of service I had closed down that part of me that longs to shine out of fear of being criticized and rejected. I tried to tamp down that part of me that loves beautiful things and beautiful spaces.  After all “people who are true givers of themselves can’t want for things.” I denied this part of me because it didn’t match this idea of the “Peace Corps-like, giving, seek for nothing” image of a service worker.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

–Howard Thurman

I can look back now and recognize everything I did growing up that brought me joy, which made me “come alive”, was connected to creating beautiful spaces and playing with color.  I would organize, clean and rearrange my room for hours and experience extreme joy. When asked to clean the bathrooms for my parents I would become fanatical, pulling every towel off the shelf, refolding and restacking perfectly.  I loved playing dolls and Barbie’s yet I can’t ever remember “playing”, it was more about setting up the house or putting together the spaces. I would even watch cartoons according to their color…or I should say, there were many shows I didn’t watch because they lacked color and thus didn’t keep my attention.

Like most of my friends, I would daydream about my future; about finding love, having kids. But what most captured my future visions was dreaming about the comfort of a home (at that point I loved small spaces, today I dream of tall ceilings!)

As I climbed the ladder in my professional career, ultimately finding myself in the role of Executive Director, I remember thinking, “I should be happy, I should be content”. Yet I would continue to daydream about design, about spaces, about color combinations.  I would spend hours looking at websites, magazines, and watching design shows. I would gain energy with every project I did around the house. And at the same time I was losing energy at work. Yet I would never allow myself to explore that dream.

“My mother always said I should pursue a career that would allow me to work with color.  I always poo-pooed her, after all, I was going to save the world.  Until I needed saving because I was denying a piece of me that was screaming to get out.” 

– Jessica Boyer

Through a series of events, I finally realized I needed to move on from my Executive Director position. I was in that position because someone else saw my potential, now I needed to see my own potential.

After six years as the ED of United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties, I left the United Way to pursue therapeutic and health coaching and enhance my ability to work closely with individuals and families.

While working as a Therapeutic Life and Health Coach, I continued to be heavily involved in her passion for designing and flipping houses. It wasn’t until I started to recognize how space was impacting my clients physical and emotional health, did I even think bring my passion for design into the business. Today I has taken my love for design and married it with my love for helping people. Kreat and Design has an eclectic menu of services that offer a unique and important way to improve the lives of my clients.

Jack Canfield once said, “I believe you are not given a dream unless you are given the capacity to fulfill it.” And I could not more wholeheartedly agree. So welcome to Kreat & Design, the beginning of a dream fulfilled!

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Education & Certifications

BA Family Social Science

MS Community Counseling

MS Rehabilitation Counseling

Certified Therapeutic Coach

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Certified Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology

Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnosis

Certified Health Coaching

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