Fitting in is a topic that haunts us as children and continues into adulthood. We contort ourselves just to belong. Often, not even realizing we have lost the true essence of ourselves.

Some will say it doesn’t matter to them.  While I agree with them, I have come to understand that this often is a mask to hide the vulnerability of the topic.  And in true honesty, it is a topic that still challenges me even into my 40s. 

I think it is only human to want to be liked and to fit in. Unfortunately, it is this very thought that keeps you feeling like you never will.  This is an external search for acceptance.

I once heard this concept explained in a slightly different manner. “It is none of your business what others think of you.”  You could be the roundest, juiciest, most perfect peach, but some people don’t like peaches.  Despite being the perfect peach, those individuals are never going to like you.  

It is futile to base your value on what other think.

Fitting in is a fickle endeavor that has you lose sight of your authenticity and uniqueness. It distances you from yourself and everyone else. Trying to fit in interferes with true belonging.

“Fitting in” has you pretzel yourself into some artificial shape to belong.

In fact, only when you allow your true essence to emerge will you find those that accept and encourage your unique shape. 

Recognize yourself in this topic?  Searching for self-acceptance? Let’s chat!

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