Life Coaching

An In-Depth Look at One’s Interior & Exterior Life

When who you are is connected with what you do, powerful opportunities come about, and you experience accelerated growth and complete transformation.

Kreat and Design provides coaching and guidance while working with you to uncover, create, and accelerate your “life design.” Together we will work to challenge your assumptions, enhance your assets and design a greater you. With this integrated approach, you will expand in ways you never dreamed possible, allowing you to achieve greater purpose every day.


Through coaching, you will

  • Start/expand your dream business
  • Bring out the best version of you,
  • Get clarity on your goals
  • Step out the right chain of action to accomplish your goals,
  • Overcome hurdles and barriers preventing you from succeeding,
  • Establish long-term patterns for success,
  • Create patterns to feel better—physically and emotionally— and thrive.

You may get to the very top of the ladder, and then find it has not been leaning against the right wall.”

—Allen Raine

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