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Bring Beauty & Organization to Your Home Through Decluttering 

Having a home or other personal space that is free from clutter and unfinished projects can lift your mood and help you feel more energized!

What if you were told that one’s physical space is a representation on one’s mental space, that when the physical space feels chaotic (even if hidden in the closet) that one mental capacity is diminished. That when you put your house in order, you put your mental affairs in order, too. Clutter increases the release of the stress hormone (cortisol). decreases creativity and inhibits our ability to focus.

Simply by decluttering your home, you will start to reduce those anxious, chaotic feelings and start feeling calmer, happier, more relaxed, more rested and more motivated.

Living and working in a decluttered space can significant positive effects on your health.  Yet so many people don’t know where and/or how to start. The sheer idea creates a feeling of anxiety and frustration.

Kreat & Design helps you declutter your home, keeping those pieces that you truly love and eliminating those pieces that no longer bring joy to your life.

“Clearing the Clutter in your physical space will go a long way toward clearing the clutter in your mind and relationships.”

~ Peter Walsh, It’s All Too Much

What my Decluttering Services Offer

Your physical space is a representation of you, and it needs to match your soul. When this is achieved, you will notice:

  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced Relationships
  • Improved health
  • More energy & drive
  • Heightened creativity
  • Enriched enjoyment of environment & of life
  • A stronger sense of self-awareness
  • Increased productivity & ease

Are you ready to put me to work? Let’s get started on creating the life you deserve!

Decluttering Pacakges

Package One

One Day Intensive

Is the Making Space One-Day Intensive right for you?

Know you need the additional traction to help you get started and you are not sure where to begin? Together we will kickstart the process by tackling the area in your home that provides you the most distress.


What will you receive during your Making Space One-Day Intensive with Jessica Boyer?

  • One-day decluttering and organizing of your home;
  • Personalized, one-on-one attention
  • 30-minute follow up call
Package Two

Two Day Intensive

Is the Making Space Two-Day Intensive right for you?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your home, or certain rooms in your home? Does decluttering and reorganizing your home weigh heavy on your mind, and you just don’t know where to start? If you answered yes, the Making Space Two-Day Intensive is for you!

Together, we will declutter your home, keeping those pieces that you truly love, and eliminating those items that no longer bring joy to your life. When we are done decluttering and organizing, your space will be professionally cleaned, so that the next time you arrive home from work, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


What will you receive during your Making Space Two-Day Intensive with Jessica Boyer?

  • Two-day decluttering and organizing of your home;
  • Personalized, one-on-one attention
  • 30-minute follow up call
Package Two

360 Decluttering

My approach focuses on meeting you where you are – physically and emotionally. We will explore your thoughts, behaviors and feelings, and then work together to translate them into the design of a healthier, more inspiring space. This 90-day process is about working from the inside out, to design a space that not only looks great, but creates balance and joy for you.

Step 1 – Discovery.

The process begins with a consultation in your space (this discovery session can be in-person or virtual). We’ll discuss your situation and a vision for where you want to be and what is blocking you from getting there.

Step 2 – Act.

We will start making changes to your space. This will involve one full day decluttering session, six individual coaching sessions, weekly assignments and final room design/staging. Total package timeline is 90 days. On occasion the timeline may vary, this is dependent on length of the project and the scope of the changes.

Step 3 – Plan.

I will develop a final design plan based off weekly assignments and coaching that will include my observations and recommendations for how to move forward.

Step 4 – Wrap.

This is where the final “design” and finishing touches to your space take place. It’s time to explore the functionality and impact of the redesigned space to make sure we are giving you the space you need to thrive!


What will you receive during your 360 Decluttering with Jessica Boyer?

  • Initial discovery session
  • Intensive decluttering (6 hours)
  • One-on-one coaching sessions (6)
  • Weekly Module Assignments (12)
  • Color scheme & design concept
  • Suggestions for furniture, finishes, materials
  • Final staging/set-up

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