Last Sunday was Mother’s Day; a time when we acknowledge the mother figures’ work in our lives.  So, today I would like to honor all the women out there that are mothers. 

From a young age, children recognize that their mother’s love and tenderness give them nourishment.  There is a love that is provided that makes them feel safe.  And a tenderness that can have them break down in tears even when they are trying to be strong.  All children long for that sense of safety and security.

In my occupation, I work with a lot of women, of which many are mothers!  I love hearing how each of them uniquely talks about their children.  There is a loyalty, affection and pride that comes from each one, even when things are hard.  Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual or a set of rules.  The minute we believe it does, we lose our superpower of unconditional love.  That simply is all our children want and need!

So, again we acknowledge the mother figures in our lives. This is for you, THANK YOU!!!

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