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When Habits Turn Into Ruts

“Habit is necessary; it is the habit of having habits, of turning a trail into a rut, that must be incessantly fought against if one is to remain alive.” -- Edith Wharton, A Backward Glance   I have to continually remind myself that habits are necessary and...

When Avoidance Actually Serves You

Avoidance and awareness are at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet both can serve a purpose. These three quotes are almost poetic in talking about the two subjects. "Avoidance is the best short-term strategy to escape conflict and the best long-term strategy to ensure...

We Acknowledge the Mother Figures in our Lives

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day; a time when we acknowledge the mother figures' work in our lives.  So, today I would like to honor all the women out there that are mothers.  From a young age, children recognize that their mother’s love and tenderness give them...

Life Has So Many Lessons

Life has so many lessons.  It was not all that long ago I wrote about motivation and how we are all motivated by different things.  I talked about how checklists were my thing and how I like the feeling of accomplishment of checking something off my list....

A concept that haunts us as children and continues into adulthood

Fitting in is a topic that haunts us as children and continues into adulthood. We contort ourselves just to belong. Often, not even realizing we have lost the true essence of ourselves. Some will say it doesn’t matter to them.  While I agree with them, I have...

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