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6 Cabins ~ 1 Resort

My craziest job yet! But when I say crazy, I mean the good kind of crazy — exciting, invigorating and challenging. When asked if I would be interested in staging 6 cabins. My response? Ah, YES! then I learned that not only was it six cabins, but we had to figure out how to work with the majority of what was already there, and it all had to be done between check out @9:30am and check in @3:00pm, because in their current state, the cabins are a resort but the owner is now selling them off individually.

Modern Fixtures

The fixtures in this home lead us to create a very sleek and modern pallet for this newly built home. With a midcentury couch and New York loft style chairs, we could not go wrong by bringing in a modern, abstract painting by local artist Kate Baldock to hang above the fire place.

Gold Coast

This home, looking out on Lake Ida, was soon transformed to have a serene, coastal, beach feel. The feeling where you just want to sit in peace and watch the water out the large feature window. The detached Mother-in-Law sweet, was an added bonus, that took on a much more vibrant, fun feel.

Arabella Ranch #3

There is a new sibling in town. Built in the same neighborhood as “Grand Entrance & Little Sister.” This home screamed modern, country farmhouse…so we did just that. We brought in various shades of white and layered it on white- all to complement the sun-shiny feel you get with all the windows.

The Lounge

It’s Friday night and all you want to do is have a few friends over and enjoy a few refreshments. That was the inspiration for this space. To create a lounge type atmosphere that just makes you want to entertain. This project also included turning a once teen, girl room into some more sophisticated and masculine room for guest to enjoy.

Downtown in Your Back Yard

This cute new townhome, within walking distance from downtown was a fun project featured not just the living room, but also a bonus living room upstairs. How many townhomes can say that?   Bringing in two different color schemes for each living room, allowed us to show the homebuyer all the potential. Plus, we didn’t want to block the large window in the bedroom, so featured a gorgeous low-profile bed!

Elmwood Lighthouse

This home on Lake Geneva is truly a diamond in the ruff.   While we only focused on the upstairs, the home had so much space and potential. From the grand entryway to the two massive main floor living rooms to the walls of windows, this home will definitely provide one lucky family space to relax and unwind.

Mixed Metals

This newly built home had so many different directions we could go when it came to staging. We
decided that our inspiration would be the rug in the living-room that added a pop of color. From there
we infused a little fun by mixing up different metals and adding copper and gold to the silver fixtures
that were in place.

Ready to Downsize

This quaint two-bedroom townhome, just needed that inviting touch upon entrance. Focusing solely on the living room and dining room, I am certain homeowners looking to downsize are sure to fall in love.

Bachelor Pad Turned Family Home

Nothing gives me more satisfaction then to make a house currently being lived in, into a home. Unfortunately, at this home the boxes never quite got unpacked, before it had to go back on the market. We came in with all the essentials, using only a few of the homeowner’s piece, and transformed this home so the next owner could see themselves in this modern split-level.

The Hawthorne House

In November of 2016, after months of searching for the perfect house with the right potential, we (my husband, brother, sister-in-law and myself) bought the home that would eventually be the namesake for our custom home building company, Hawthorne Custom Homes. It was not initially intended for a flip, it was going to either serve as our business office or a rental property. As we poured our blood, sweat and tears into this home our vision started coming to life. And we began to receive numerous inquiries from potential buyers. While not our original intent, we decided that this home was in need of a family to love it as much as we did.

Many would have said, “tear it down,”. But we decided with a little TLC (or more accurately a complete gut job, raising of the roof, and a face lift) that this house became charming again. This is the beginning of me breaking out of my shell. The joy I got from this project left no doubt in my mind that I wanted to do more . . .

Coastal Beauty

Not often do you walk into an older home and automatically feel the need to highlight the coastal character of the home…but this lake home did just that. The light blue walls in the living room had me daydreaming to the off-white couch, wicker chairs, and driftwood that could leave that impression.

Man Cave

This cabin on the lake, with a stand-alone iron fireplace had me heading in a different direction. The impression for this one was more of a “man’s retreat.” Although I would decorate my home with this design style of deep charcoal, leathers, feathers, furs and wood, any day!

Bluffs Road

In 2005 we were a young couple relocating to Alexandria with a 1 year old and a baby on the way. As we pulled up to this house on Bluffs Road I said to my husband, “if it looks anything like this on the outside, why are we wasting our time going in?” But as we opened the door and stepped inside it was like being hit by a tidal wave. I was overwhelmed by the potential I saw in this home. Needless to say we bought the house.

Fast forward five years and we moved our family back out of the house as we began the remodeling process. It was important to me that once complete this did not look like a remodel. Rather, I wanted it to feel as if it were the original design of the house.  So, we bumped the front of the house out, changed the roof line, added a porch, and moved stairs. In the end, we managed to touch every square inch of the house. Humbling to say, but the compliments I received on our remodeled home continued to fuel my desire to turn my hobby into my work.

Country Shores

Staging a home can at times feel challenging as a homeowner.  While designing your own home is based on your unique style, staging has to be done to appeal to a wide variety of people. In this project I appreciated the trust the seller placed in me to make choices that really showcased her beautiful home.

Latoka Heights

This home was such a fun project!  The homeowner recognized the need to enhance her beautiful home to help prospective buyers see its full potential. This is not uncommon. Many homeowners, while still living in the home, will have a stager focus on just a few rooms. This project provided us an opportunity to emphasize three main rooms:  the sitting room, the dining room and the master bedroom. We brought in some additional furniture and decor to make these rooms shine.

Grand Entrance ~ Arabella Ranch House #1

It is always exciting to step into a newly built house, that has never had single piece of furniture cross over its threshold in the past, and to be the first one to start to draw out the home’s unique personality and charm.  This home in the Arabella Ranch development, was having all its last-minute touches completed while we were hauling in furniture. The rhythm of the workers, the pulse of the pieces, you just watched the home come to life.

Little Sister ~ Arabella Ranch House #2

I just love watching a house become a home.  This location only needed a few additional pieces to add that finishing touch. You just can’t help but want to see more.  This home also located to in the Arabella Ranch development is a sister to “Grand Entrance,” but my what different personalities they have.  This is exactly why I love doing what I do!

Bryant Charm

The old, historic charm of this home has not been lost, from the stain glass windows to the tall baseboards, to the front porch…all it needed was to feel lived in.  The traditional elements and the curtains left in the office, were the inspiration for a classic farmhouse feel with a modern twist. The pops of teal throughout make this a charmer!

An Osakis Gem

The minute I saw it, the forgotten plywood table, all alone, left behind, I felt the traces of the home’s fun-loving, quirky character.  It was time to get to work and enhance that essence. We had so much fun bringing life back to each of the four rooms we had the opportunity to design.  This one puts a smile on your face.

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