During our election, it became more and more clear that we are living in a society, here in the US, that reflects a “Machiavellian” way of dividing and conquering.  It is a tested method of controlling and manipulating people by using cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous methods. The idea is to keep people busy fighting one another so you can assume or maintain power. 

Its rather scary how divided we are and how polarized we have become.  Constantly fighting! 

Dates Back to the Italian Renaissance

These tactics used during the Italian Renaissance still hold true today.  Whether the people in control of each political party are aware they are using barbaric tactics is unknown?!? But someone who has much to gain in creating disharmony by spreading half-truths, or even brazen bare-faced lies, is implementing a divide and conquer. 

As a result, so much harm is being sowed, the small stress fractures are turning into full breaks. I just wonder how we can repair and heal from it.  What is the point of getting to the top, if along the way you are causing destruction and only have the backing of half of a fractured, broken society? 

The even scarier part is that as citizens, we do not even realize how we are being played!

Moving Past Where We Are

So, I have been thinking about how to move past this brazen attempt to fracture my spirit. In that quest, I came across the teachings of Patanjali.  This reflection stood out as just one way we can each do our part in healing our county! 

When you are steadfast in the abstention of thoughts of harm directed towards yourself and others that all living creatures will cease to feel fear or enmity in your presence.”  –Patanjali

Now I know that the implementation of this is far harder than it sounds, but I am working each day to heal all those cracks.  It starts with me!  Do you want to get on board? Let’s chat!

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