In Minnesota, the temperatures are reaching close to 60 degrees.  With that comes the thawing of the ground and the reawakening of the outside world. Inside we also enter a new season, ready to reemerge. 

And this year feels even bigger.  After the year of retreating due to COVID, we are all starting to slowly reemerge.  And what better time to take a moment to restore your home.

Restore it by clearing away the results of the year both literally and metaphorically.  I am here for you and want to help you get your home back in order. 

Restore your Home

Two Great Offers!!!

  1. BOGO Personal Decluttering:
    • Offering a seasonal sale on my Two Day Intensive Decluttering.  This entails TWO days of one-on-one, hands-on clutter clearing for the PRICE of ONE!  We will restore order to those key areas of your home in two days. Schedule a time to learn more and get your two days on the calendar.
  2. CLUTTER CONQUEST 28-Day Virtual Course:
    • Looking for a pilot group to test my virtual course called Clutter Conquest  This 28-day program will take you from chaos to calm with bit-size daily assignments.  Since this is a pilot program the price is significantly reduced, but so are the number of spots.  Want one of the limited spots? Register to learn more!

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