Being a business owner can be hard. Many would say it’s “not for the faint of heart.” So,
when I read Seth Godin’s February 12. 2021 blog, “The Easy Way Down,” it got me
thinking how applicable it is to business ownership.

It seems that society has a belief that in order to be successful you have to grind it out and work hard. That success has to be difficult. So why do it? Rather flip that script and ask, “why wouldn’t you?” We need to reframe our thoughts to recognize the thrill of the journey, not just getting to the destination. Yes, of course, there are challenges with business ownership, but man let me tell you there are so many joy-filled thrills in the ride!

The easy way down

Ski slopes are marked by difficulty. The green circle indicates the easiest slope,
the one that will get you to the base of the hill the fastest, with the least amount
of risk or drama.

Why would anyone choose to ski down on the difficult black diamond run

Most passionate skiers would ask the question differently: why wouldn’t you?
The point of skiing isn’t to get to the bottom. The point is how it feels on your way

I’m wondering why this insight is so hard for us to embrace when it comes to
learning or personal engagement or art or the work we do each day?

There are speed bumps along the way, opportunities unevenly distributed, and
unforeseen problems. But none of them get better when we decide to always
seek the easy way to the end.

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