Fear has been a player in everyone’s lives recently.  So much so, it is damaging the soul of our society and the population inside it.  We are harming our ability to progress forward, while also impairing our ability to discern what is real and what is not.  

This is two-fold. We need to recognize that what we think, is only reinforced by our unconscious yet biased, attempt to search for information that supports our claims and beliefs.  While also acknowledging there is an external force at play. Once you click on a link or like a post you will receive more information like that in your feed.  Hence reinforce your belief that you are right by sending you similar or supporting information.  


Combatting this is tricky. We as individuals need to take a certain amount of personal responsibility while also paying attention to the external factors that play a part in this dilemma. 

So whether it is in your control and not, try to shift (even slightly).  Here are two thing we all could do to begin to change the narrative:

  1.  When we are presented with information that has us feeling defensive and angry. Ask yourself, “what is really going on here to cause these emotions in me?”  Inquire about, “what must be true for the individual who said this or posted it?”  Sometimes that trigger happens because we see something, we don’t like about ourselves.  Other times, the trigger allows us to see other options and to make choices about who we want to be. 
  1. If the information you are learning does not agree with or resonate with you.  Try to see what components do agree or could be true.  Instead of saying they are completely wrong, come at it with a beginner’s mindset, intrigued to learn something new.  Automatically shutting opposing viewpoints down is not going to help us heal. 

Fear is rampant right now.  But most individuals don’t even wait to find out if the information is true. Instead, if there is the slightest inkling it might be true (according to them), they take it and run, spreading it like a forest fire.

By listening (really listening) to other’s beliefs, opinions, and ideas that differ from our own, we can learn about the other person as well as ourselves.  And we can start to combat the stronghold fear has over us.

How does fear present itself to you?  Do you need help to recognize how fear prevails in your life?  Let’s work together to combat your fear.

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