Where to focus your 2021 New Years Resolution?  Many Type A individuals have probably been able to figure out where to focus their resolution. They have it all nicely laid out with goals and benchmarks already determined.  I wish my personality would start on these things in advance but rather I need the looming deadline to motivate me.

I spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s, creating my plan for the upcoming year.  This works well because I can usually slow things down and really focus on what I truly desire.

If you have not started, I have a couple tips and tools I think will help.

Where to Focus your 2021 New Years Resolution

Each year, the new year rolls over and you want to do something, but just don’t really know what or where to begin?   If that’s the case I have just the thing for you.

The Circle of Life tool is designed to help you reflect on where in your life you have less balance and could benefit from focusing your time. 

All you do is place a dot on the line in each category to indicate your level of satisfaction within each area. Place a dot at the center of the circle to indicate dissatisfaction, or on the periphery to indicate satisfaction. Most people fall somewhere in between.

Once you have completed the whole circle, you connect the dots to see your Circle of Life.  This helps you identify imbalances and determine where to spend more time and energy to create balance.

Your Desires

Not knowing what to focus on, you find you take on other’s goals trying to make them your own, only to realize they don’t fit.  Their desires don’t match yours and you lose all motivation to continue. 

If this feels familiar?  I have the perfect three step process to get you thinking about your desires.  Just remember it needs to match you, not a family member, a best friend or the in-crowd.

  1. Take some time to reflect on the past year or two. Think about all that you have accomplished.  Where were you, where have you been?  Reflect on what you have learned.  It’s does not always have to be good either, sometime the most difficult situations/experiences can really shape who you have become.  Good or bad, give thanks to who you are today as a result of the last couple of years. 
  2. Reflect on what hasn’t been working and needs to be left behind in 2020. We are all human so be real about what is no longer serving you and needs to be let go.   Whatever it is, may have served you in the past but moving forward only slows you down. Remember habits, goals, responsibilities, relationships, etc. can end.  It’s okay to close one door to open another.
  3. Move into 2021, really think about what you desire and who you want to become. Remember your higher good and what new habits you want to create to support your higher good. Remember this is limitless, so what do you want to do, accomplish, and experience in the next year or two? What part of you do you want to waken?  Think about 1-3 years from now, who do you want to be?  How will that look?  How will it feel?  What steps do you need to start taking right now to move you toward that person? 

Now get to it!

As I have witnessed in my coaching (and have experienced personally), we live in a world where we strive to be perfect; forget ourselves to please others; are trying to figure out the “right” thing to do; judging ourselves for not being good enough; or feel like we are constantly letting others down.  This message only perpetuates judgement of oneself.

Now that you know where to focus your 2021 New Years Resolution, let New Year’s be a time of celebration and reset.  Rather that make this shaming, think of it as an opportunity.  This is a time to connect and be honest with oneself, so our dreams can start coming true! 




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