We are entering the last month of the year.  One of my favorite times of the year.  Not just because of the holiday season celebrations, but because it is a time of closure and to tie up loose ends. 

We have heard it over and over, 2020 has not gone according to plans.  The pandemic put an abrupt hold on most of our lives.  Almost everything we enjoyed had to be discontinued or limited.   Yet, I look at this year as a year of clarity.  A year of appreciating the little things! 

Tie Up Loose Ends

Like many, I am sure you started the years with ideas, dreams, to-dos, goals, etc.  And if you are like many, you may not have completed everything you set out to do (especially considering 2020). 

But instead of having these items linger, causing guilt and shame, let’s put closure on them.  The idea is to put that item to bed, so you can let 2020 go. So those items that have been on your “to-do” list for the past 6 months? Get them done.  That hard conversation you’ve been putting off? Time to pick up the phone!

And if there is no possible way to wrap an item up, take this time to tie up the current loose ends, so when you move into 2021 you are not spending time in the “what ifs” & “if only’s”.  

Rather, aim to complete your to-dos and tie up loose ends. This allows you the ability to step into your desires/goals/dreams and reimage them even better.  Breathe new life into your desires/goals/dreams, while taking into consideration the year you have been through and the incredible growth you have experienced.  Take all you know now that you did not know then and use it to expand that idea, dream, and/or goal. Now get to work, so you can dream big!

What has this year been about for you?  What do you need to see through to completion, as we round out 2020?

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