Christmas is upon us. And for many, this year will look different.  For me, it is the first time in 42 years that I will not be celebrating in-person with my parents.  While I am grateful that my family has not experienced the loss of a loved one this year, I am still feeling emotions around this holiday season.

So if you are not feeling much like celebrating this year, whether for similar or for different reasons, my primary motivation for today’s post is to think about how to make it even more merry and bright. 

Let’s consider how to make the most of this magical time of year:

  • Turn on and/or up the music! This simple trick can’t help but start to put you in the mood.
  • Resume traditions, just consider how you can do them virtually. Whether baking cookies or sing carols, think about taking them online! For my family, it is the dice game, where we roll for small, inexpensive gifts and then we steal other’s gifts.
  • Make a similar meal. Even if not together, sit down and eat it together virtually via FaceTime, Zoom Meeting, or Google Meet
  • Decorate your home with all of your favorite, festive decorations, even if no one will see it except for you and your immediate family! 
  • Think about the smells that bring back fond memories.  Consider making/baking those items or if you are like me, find a candle that gives you the same effect?
  • Research a joyful drink (does not need to be alcoholic), that you can do a toast with. Toast and celebrate the WONDERFUL things you are thankful for! I am totally up for everyone sharing what they are grateful for, even if it means having to refill!
  • Watch your own Christmas movie marathon. Some of my favorites, to name a few: Elf, Christmas Vacation, Family Stone, Home Alone, Grinch, Love Actually, and White Christmas.
  • Dress for a fun and festive time.  Take a shower and put on clean clothes. Think plaid, holiday colors, metallic, sequins, ugly sweaters, etc. And don’t forget the holiday accessories.

I recognize not everyone reading this blog celebrates this holiday, but I am certain that you too have felt a disruption of your celebrations during 2020. So I welcome you to apply it to your situation.

CHEERS to everyone having a safe and merry holiday!

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