Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country, and this world.  – Sharon Slazberg

There is a strong sentiment that what you focus on grows.  I want to remind my readers of this during this election time.   When it comes to your candidate, it is important to think about what you hope he will do for the country.  Not what the other has not done or done wrong. 

When you focus on what the other hasn’t done you are giving energy towards the very thing you are not wanting.  As a result, you get more of what you are not wanting.  This is a hard thing to remember when our world is based on blame and fear.  When campaign ads perpetuating fear are the attention grabbers.

We hear it when you listen to individuals talk about why they support the candidate they support.  Most often, they do not talk about specifics of what they want from their candidate. Rather they talk about the opposing candidate and why he/she is bad. 

Even knowing, “what you focus on grows,” I found fear bubbling up as I sat down to write this blog.  I wanted to get the message out to VOTE, but instantly the idea “What if more of the opposing side gets out and votes?!?”  That is fear.  I am giving unfettered attention to the fear of what I do not want.

What I need to focus on is that I believe in our democratic process and the right for all citizens to cast a vote. I do not believe we need to make the system complex and difficult or to try to limit the availability to let someone vote.  I believe in this system, even if it means there is a chance that my candidate won’t win.

So it is that time, that time that comes up every four years, the presidential election. Please take this opportunity to get out and VOTE.

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