Everything happening in the world has left me feeling Blah!  Like most of my blogs, I like to talk about relevant issues, things I am noticing not only in myself but those I work with as well.  This blah feeling for me has been there for a couple of months, yet in the last couple of weeks, the feeling is stronger.  Even with a lot of good stuff happening around me, the sensation is a lack of feeling, good or bad. So honestly, I am feeling a bit derailed

I am not talking about depression, rather just a void of emotions.  An inability to visualize the future.  (FYI, I recently was in for my annual physical where a questionnaire was completed on depression, which was a good check to know I am not talking about depression.)  

So you may ask, “Why are you writing this?”  I am writing this because I know there are others feeling something similar these days.  And to say, it’s okay

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What it Looks Like for Me

I try to right myself, yet I can’t find the correct direction.  It’s not about feeling happier, it’s like I feel my sparks of purpose are gone.  This scares me because I am a futuristic sort of strategic thinker.  I love to daydream about big ideas and possibilities.  Yet my dreams seem gray and muted.  

At the beginning of COVID, I was on fire, I was accomplishing so much with my business.  Future courses.  Big scale thinking.  I loved my weekly check-ins with my accountability partners.  But as weeks turned into months and summer came, my family and I shifted into packing mode, moved, started a large demo project; all while at the same time the world around us is getting uglier and uglier.  And now I can’t seem to get that fire back. 

I am a firm believer in the concept, “what you focus on, grows.”  So it would make sense to focus on what I desire, which has never been a problem for me in the past. Yet what do you do when currently you can’t seem to find it?

Do You Feel Derailed? 

I know others are having a similar experience, I have coached numerous people who have discussed similar versions of this. My doctor’s comment, “it is surprising my number wasn’t higher given all that is going on in the world,” leads me to think that the clinic is seeing more and more people with similar or more serious feelings.   

We are, by the way, human, and having this human experience can feel messy at times.  Contrary to what I am sure many feel a coach should or shouldn’t do, I hope this conversation can help someone else.   

And I want to say again, it’s okay.  

Here is the thing, we can’t force it to be good again.  Yet, we can start to try to shift our own thoughts and feelings. 

Here are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Take small steps each day towards your dreams/goals. No matter how small it seems.   Little actions add up to big change over time.
  2. Celebrate your success.  Whether big or small, celebrate what you accomplished that day, even if it wasn’t what you planned on accomplishing.
  3. An attitude of gratitude.   Come up with 3-5 things you are grateful for either in the morning or evening. The challenge is to come up with new items to be grateful for each day.

The idea is to start to feel some success and/or hope, even if small.  Give it time and know that you are not alone. 

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