So one thing I know is that we are all motivated by different things. For myself, I like the feeling of accomplishment of checking something off my list.

How do you get things done?

I have for as long as I can remember, been a list person. Partially it started as life got busier and busier. The checklist was necessary so I wouldn’t forget anything, but I realized quickly that I also like checklists because I like to see things checked off/slashed through. Accomplished.

Now my husband does not like lists and I think I could accurately say he despises them. Maybe it’s because he can see how “the list” is my friend but also my own self-made torcher device. He is motivated by different things.

The issue comes when the list gets extremely long. I typically want it all done now and have a hard time not expecting that of myself and others. “why can’t we demo all the ceilings in the house, vacuum up the insulation, paint my husband’s office, Killz the basement, clean a VRBO.” Oh, and remember I have FOMO so I want to have fun also. All in one weekend.

Acknowledge your Strengths and Weaknesses

I recognize that this is a recipe for failure. I see that I am going to come out feeling more frustrated than accomplished, yet I do it every time. I have this super-women mentality that it all is going to magically happen because I am going to bend time and space to make it happen. And I become hell-bent on trying.

I once had a wise, female, mentor say to me, “it will never all be done.” I realize this is so true because before you get to the end, you have added more to the list. It is the rhythm of life.

What I am learning is that when the list gets long, too long to manage all at once (this actually goes for shortlists also) is that I need to prioritize. Setting reasonable and attainable goals/priories. Sounds simple, right?!? Yet often it is not. Still, I know it’s the only way I can talk myself off the cliff of anxiety and frustration.


But guess what also works, celebrating every success. Practice this little trick. For me it is, writing down the day’s priorities and at the end of the day, being able to check it off. Even that simple checkmark can be a celebration.

We are all motivated in different ways. How do you manage your time? Prioritize your “to do’s”? What motivates you? Let’s talk.




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