We all have the pieces of our personality that we shame.

We all have the pieces of our personality that we shame.  Those pieces we shame either because someone pointed it out to us with a level of critique or we have mentally battled with ourselves over them. One of my battles is around indecision.

It’s not that I have always seen this aspect of my personality as bad, until I started having people say, “but you do know what you want.” I had to examine what was going on. Had to make sure I wasn’t silencing my voice or shutting my desires down.

Here is what I learned.

There tend to be three common circumstances that seem to paralyze my decision making:

1. What I want, isn’t a strong feeling one way or another. It is a matter of not really caring about what choice is made & being up for anything.

This tends to happen to me when it comes to picking where to eat.  I can usually find something anywhere so if someone else’s desire is strong (or at least stronger), I would rather have them make the decision.

2. When I have FOMO (fear of missing out). I have multiple options, they all sound good, and I want to experience them all.

This typically happens when we have been invited to do multiple things and I want to do them all or when there is something going on I want to do but I know I “should” be doing something else.

3. Then, on occasions, when the choices that have to be made feel so permanent or not easily changed.

This one has been experienced a lot lately as we are finalizing house plans and I want to make sure I love it and that my love for it lasts for years.

But here is what I have learned about my indecision. Being indecisive is not a character flaw, it just means I’m thinking hard before I make a decision or in some cases, I just don’t have a strong opinion one way or another.  I have nothing to feel embarrassed about!

If I can’t decide right away, no matter how trivial the matter is, that’s fine!

Do you have a character trait that you are now realizing is not a flaw? Do you need to cut yourself some slack? Let’s get to the root of it so you can free yourself from that judgmental burden.

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