Life Looks Completely Different

Plot splits, that moment that completely changes the trajectory in life.  Where life looks completely different.  I love books and movies where the plot-line gives you a snapshot of how life could have been completely different, had the character made a different choice (or caught the subway train-Sliding Doors).

I can’t pinpoint what exactly it is that sucks me into those plot splits with two parallel universes. Two paths his/her life could take depending on whether someone does this or that.

It Is What I Love About Coaching  

It is what I love about coaching as well. We have these moments daily. Every decision result is a movement of energy and some of those decisions are life-altering whether we realize it or not.

I like to wonder if there is “that moment” that shifted my reality. And if so, how has it changed the way my life looks today.

I know there are the obvious choices like going on the first date with my husband or quitting my job to start my own company, but I also like to think about the less obvious choices like turning left rather than right. Would I have two kids, would I be married, would I live where I live, etc.?

This is not to be mistaken for “regret.” I love my life, but I do often wonder…

We all get to make choices and our choices impact the results.

Where Are You

Are you at that “crossroad” where you feel if you go one direction your life could take on a completely different look…or maybe your split is more subtle.

Either way, it can be scary to turn a different direction, but I am here for you, I can help guide you. Let me help you find the direction you will take! No regrets, no what-ifs!

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