Anne of Green Gables, one of my favorite movies growing up.  The simple-ness of this story always made my heart happy.  One of my favorite scenes is when Anne is walking with Miss Stacy.  Anne had experienced a horribly retched day and Miss Stacy says, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it?” 

I share this quote because so often as humans we mire ourselves in the past.  Continually punishing ourselves for what we did.  Not allowing ourselves to live down a past decision and so on. But the reality is, the longer we do this, the more we bring similar experiences into existence. 

So often people will say, “I’m stuck! I’ve been in this place and I can’t get out.” 

Well, it is not possible to sand still or be stuck, because energy is always in motion.  Things are always changing, but the reason you may feel stuck is that while you are continuing to think the same thoughts.  So, while things are changing—in your case they are changing to the same thing over and over. 

If you want reality to change in a different direction, you must think of different thoughts.  And that simply requires finding unfamiliar ways of approaching familiar subjects.

Yet, I recognize it is not always that simple.  For many who have resided in this unwanted place, while they desire something different, their thoughts remain on what they do not want.  This habit of thinking can be difficult to undo.  

I am not asking individuals to go all Pollyanna about their thoughts, rather I am suggesting taking small steps.  Like simply reminding yourself “that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.” 

Try it on. Think of this thought regularly! Remind yourself daily!  See if this small step can move you in the direction of what you truly desire and release you from being stuck in the past.

Every day is fresh with a new start!

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