While we are in a global pandemic, the housing market around here has not seemed to slow down. As a real estate stager, I thought for sure I would see a slowing, but that has not been the case.

While my crew has shrunk to only two (my teenage daughter and son), I cannot complain. Things take a bit longer, but we have accomplished a lot over the last couple of months. I wait for them to finish school and then we head out to either to set up or tear down. We have become a rocking team!

Here is a home that is currently on the market.  Built in the same neighborhood as Grand Entrance” & Little Sister.”  There is now a new sibling in town.  The moment I walked into this home it screamed modern, country farmhouse…so we did just that. We brought in various shades of white and layered it on white- all to complement the sun-shiny feel you get with all the windows.

Want to enjoy this beautiful home and make it your own? This home needs someone to love it!