This week has been harder than normal. My family is entering into the second month of being restricted to our home. The overcast sky and cool temperatures have me feeling tired which has crushed my motivations to exercise. I started the week off by doing bills, not a good idea when I am closing in on that time of the month (my acne is clue #1).   All of it seems to be the perfect sh*t storm for my moodiness to shine. My emotions are high. I am certain with one wrong move, by anyone, the flood gates will open and everyone better start paddling. But what I reminded myself is, my feelings are not right or wrong, they just are.

I am a 4 on the Enneagram, so my ferocity and velocity of feelings can seem extreme. I am an open book, so anyone and everyone knows when I am having an amazing day or a “no good, very bad day.” I have no problem talking about my feelings, or other people‘s feelings for that matter. Which while not my intent, can make others uncomfortable at times.

I felt I needed to come forward with this, as just a week ago, I had taped a video on “being okay with where you are,” and here I am just a week later. I cannot say I am angry, anxious, irritable, or scared…just glum. I feel like the process of thinking on a deeper level is difficult, scattered, and unfocused. It has resulted in me having a less productive week, which then has me feeling guilt and shame.

And as a result, I have had to remind myself more than once this week, “it’s okay, this is a journey, MY JOURNEY.” There is no right or wrong response.


Give Yourself Grace

When our response to news, events or ideas are not the same as that of those the people around us, we tend to dismiss our feelings as irrational or incorrect. Our society teaches us to bury, push deep down and get over negative feelings and emotions. Yet as Madisyn Taylor, writes in the DailyOM “…reactions (feelings) themselves are neither right nor wrong. There is no reason to believe that one person’s reaction to a particular event is somehow more valid than another’s.”

Remember: please, please, please be gentle on yourself and give yourself grace as this is real, this is a journey, YOUR JOURNEY.

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