Do you believe you are good are multi-tasking?  Would you believe me if I told you, you are not good at multi-tasking nor is anyone else?

I have always prided myself on being a multi-tasker. Cooking super while helping kids with homework; listening to training while cleaning; or watching a movie while having my computer open and working. Then comes the trifecta…grocery shopping, while making an appointment and trying to not forget the final work details I need to wrap-up.

You are not good at multi-tasking

What I have learned is I am not good at multi-tasking, nor is anyone else. This is where relationships crumble, communication gets fumbled and time is actually wasted.

I see it in my children with their phones and I get frustrated. Yet, I really can’t blame them. I am modeling it every day for them. Wearing the label “multi-tasker” like a badge of honor.

What is more of the reality is I forgot the grocery list on the table in the mad dash out the door while eating my breakfast. Or my kids just wanting my attention to ask a question and I end up burning the food and I still was only half present with them. Or my husband accusing me of not listening to him when we were going over the schedule, because I was so preoccupied with cleaning and my to-do list so now I am late to one of my kid’s activities (and I still have to re-listen to the training…because I can’t multitask).

Take off the badge

I took off the badge when I woke up to the reality that I was exhausted and not recognizing myself anymore. While I can’t remember being a kid, trying to get my parents’ undivided attention to show them something or tell them a story, I am sure it happened. So I know kids are resilient.

Yet I have seen that heart-broken look happen all too regularly with my kids, even at 13 &15 years old…and I can’t guarantee that they won’t remember that about me. So, I am trying (daily) to be present because I don’t want to feel that heart-wrenching disappointment anymore.

Are you wearing yourself thin, exhausting yourself…and most importantly not being the best you?! Being present is hard. It takes constant reminding to focus on one thing at a time, especially with the hustle of our society. But I am telling you the hustle is not attractive!!!!

Need help getting out of the hustle? Want help focusing and being present? Let’s talk!