I believe we all have a style! I 100% believe this and see it repeatedly when I meet with individuals.   Not embracing what’s popular does not mean that you don’t have style.  That is about making a certain style “right” and another “wrong.”  Rather, I see it as style differences.  We all intrinsically know what we like and dislike, so I believe wholeheartedly that style is about feelings.  It’s about what makes you feel good.

Whether or not you do what feels good for you is a choice you have made.  So, own it and please quit telling yourself you don’t have style!  My father used to always tell me “When you’re cool, you can wear anything.”  This wasn’t him telling me to go out and be popular. Rather, it was his way of saying to be yourself.  If you like it, wear it and be confident while doing it, then no one will care the less.  It is so true!

Mother Teresa was once quoted saying, “if you judge people, you have no time to love them.”   This also applies to us.  It’s when we downplay ourselves that we send and reinforce negative messages and patterns.

You may be thinking, “I disagree. I don’t have style; I hire someone to do it for me.”  While you may prefer to get guidance when making style decisions, you ultimately enlist a professional/family/ friend who’s style you connect to, who has gifts in this area, but remember this is you making a decision on who’s style you like before you enlist them. You still intrinsically know what you like and dislike, you just are not prioritizing doing it for yourself.

Style is what makes you feel good.  People need to be less about what they think they “should” do/having, and more about feeling good.  Yours just might be different than mine, or different from what is currently selling around you.  That still doesn’t mean you don’t have style.

P. S. I know there are haters out there, I know. That may even be your experience but remember to make no mind of their opinion of you. That is about them not you.

I’d love to hear about your style and why it makes you, YOU! Let’s chat!