Many people would rather stay unhappy simply because of the fear of the unknown out-ways their current discomfort, I invite you to change that trajectory.

I have people ask me how I started my business? Where the courage to leave the security of full-time employment came from? Why I started an eclectic business of coaching, decluttering, and staging?

Many I work with believe that it’s not for them. They could never do it. They make it seem as though I am somehow special.

Follow Your Dreams

I am not special. If you dream of stepping away from the identity you currently have, did you know you can?

First, start listening to yourself. Start reflecting on those moments where you have dismissed the inner voice or that inner twinge of excitement about something.

My story

My story begins like so many of my clients. You go off to college. After getting my bachelor’s in social work, I took some time before deciding to go on for a master’s in counseling. I LOVED graduate school, yet something about it didn’t feel quite like me.

Building rapport and getting the client to have a “conversation,” was what I was good at.” I loved the group work, yet I always felt we were mired in the problem,  having to “diagnosis” someone to get insurance to cover it.

That feeling that we all go through seasons in our lives, and during some seasons we could use someone to talk to, without having to be labeled, lingered in my gut. I felt like we could be of more service if we looked at therapy as a proactive measure to staying healthy. Yet, that was not how the industry saw it, at least not back then.  So I chased work in a different field.

Fast forward…I am the Executive Director of United Way when I had the opportunity to meet with a Life Coach. BAM! I sat there thinking, “I want to do what she is doing.”

It was what I had hoped for when in Grad School. It felt so positive and abundant. That moment lingered with me for years!

Personal development has been an extension of my life, I have hired coaches and mentors. Individuals that would challenge my assumptions, hold me accountable, and help me be the best ED in the area.

Through this process, my confidence has grown. I own my strengths and abilities. There were dark seasons, but with guidance, I was able to get to the light easily and be better for it.


My self-discoveries and learning throughout that time ultimately lead me to where I am today.

One tool that helped me clarify my desires was called the Ideal Day. This tool opened insights into my love of color, decorating, and organizing. The ah-ha’s that came from owning what matters most to me and realizing I wanted to have more control over my destiny, were incredible.

My story unfolded over many years and it’s been about the journey. I left one love for another, and that doesn’t make my experience in the non-profit arena any less cherished. I loved to be a world that had so much impact, but I desired a new experience! There is nothing special about my story it is similar to so may I coach.

While many people would rather stay unhappy simply because of the fear of the unknown out-ways their discomfort, I invite you to change that trajectory. Start your journey by clicking on the link below to get your FREE Ideal Day Guide.

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