This last week, we talked about New Year’s Resolutions some more, so I thought I would add another layer by bringing up a slightly different perspective. First, we BE out of which we DO so we can HAVE the outcomes.

So often we have been taught the DO these things, HAVE these things, to BE this way. What do I DO, to HAVE XXXX results, to then BE XXXX.  i.e. DO this job search, to HAVE a new job, so then I can BE happy. Or DO this workout, to HAVE less weight, to then BE skinny. 

But think about it this way: What would it look like for you to BE, DO, HAVE?

Approach it with a beginner’s mindset and ask yourself what is it you want to BE?  Who are you becoming?  What goals would that person have? How do you see yourself as you move through the world with this XXXX? How would you show up if you are XXXX? What kind of choices would you make?  How would you walk… what would you feel… what would you wear? Get at the energy. The essence.

BE, DO, HAVE!  First BE, then out of that which we DO and then out of that HAVE the outcomes we want. 

Food for thought! 

Does this new way of being fire you up?  Want help making it come to life?  Let’s talk!