Visibility. What does that mean to you?  Anyone else struggle with it?   While I recognize that it is a neutral word, with neither a positive nor negative connotation to it, I have made it into a large, ugly beast.  It is one of the larger struggles for me as an entrepreneur.  That beast just sits primed and ready to resist change/discomfort

The Ego Beast: Primed & Ready To Resist Change/Discomfort

It goes in waves; I can feel in a groove, posting and writing, and then that ugly beast returns.  I pull back.

He doesn’t growl to scare me. Rather this beast is much more subtle. He plants this seed of doubt about myself. As a result, I talk myself out of putting my work out there. He makes me questions my value. He has me doubting if I am good enough.  Oh, and he does an amazingly good job preventing me from creating a habit of being visible. 

Here is what I know. I am not alone. We all have our big, hairy, vicious beast we are battling — it’s our ego. Your beast may not be called “visibility” like mine. But we all have our ego which is primed and ready to resist change/discomfort. He is a master in self-sabotage.

Ask yourself, is there an area in your life where you are holding back?  What I know for sure is that we all can use support to get past those areas that hold us back. There is no need to do it alone, so find someone who can hold you up!

Not sure who to turn to for support? I’m here for you! Let’s chat!


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