I have had a recent ah-ha. Well, it’s something I realized before but had not verbalized. It’s that I see the world in colors. 

We All See the World Differently

For as long as my son could talk, he has referenced numbers. He sees the world in numbers. Everything can have a number connected to it.

I don’t think he even realizes he does it, but I always found it fascinating since that is not how I look at the world.

For him, it’s about the number of miles to the destination, number of stairs going up to his bedroom, number steps from the car to the front door, number of days till the next holiday. Additionally, he pretty much knows everyone’s birthday in his class, plus their half birthdays.

Years before he started school, we would pass time in the car by giving Chance math problems to solve. Theses are things my brain just does not retain. 

But it’s not because I can’t comprehend them. Rather, it’s because it does not give me joy. 

I see the world in colors

What I have realized is that I see the world in colors. I gravitate towards things that have good color.

I love the vibrant colors of spring and the mix of greens outdoors makes my heart sing. I crave the bright yellow sunshine and the vivid blue hue of water in the summer. Fall colors and textures make me so grateful for my family and drawing that connection closer. And winter…I love how the lights on trees twinkle, inviting people to look at the colors. The white fluffy snow makes me want to cozy up in my house, drink coffee, and watch bright-colored movies.

The magic of the color makes me happy. I find internal peace or disruption in a space just simply by what color choice was used. I watch a show if it has good colors or check-out if doesn’t.

The bottom line is that I love color. It gives me such satisfaction…but just as much as color pulls me in, bad color repels me!

So how do you see the world?  Want to chat about it?


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