Have you had a moment where you did something and wish you could take it back?

It just happened with my last newsletter/blog post. I had written it a while ago and sent it off to the marketing support I use. While the blog was sent back to proof, I must have been more interested in the picture selected than the content of what was written. 

A Moment Where You Did Something & Wish You Could Take It Back

So yesterday when the blog came through on Facebook, I tested it by clicking the link. Once I got to the page, I decided to re-read the post. What I realized as I read it was that it sounded different than I intended it. 

Wow, how had I not caught that?!?

As I got to the second paragraph, I realized I made my mom sound like she was always complaining about my father. This is not true, they had a very healthy relationship.  Of which, many of my friends would comment.

My dad did do stuff outside the house like softball, coaching basketball, singing/playing guitar, and on occasion grabbing a drink with friends. Yet, I felt I made it sound like he was always gone drinking.

The memories I was recalling were from when I was really little.  So yes, at that time I don’t think my mom truly did do what she enjoyed. She was young and had two kids 15 months apart. 

What I Realized

I did my mom a disservice by making it sound like she never had any hobbies or interests.

My mom walked the talk as my brother and I got a little older. We spent practically every Sunday with family friends.  Kids would play, dads would have a game on and moms would make some sort of craft.

Yes, she did grow up in a time where women were funneled, and she, as a result, became a secretary.   But it is noteworthy to share that she later returned to school to became a teacher. Then due to her love of reading, she continued her schooling to get a Masters as a librarian.   

What I  realized is that in my effort to give context to the “life lesson,” I skimmed over a lot of relevant information.  more precisely, I worded it poorly so that it was misleading and potentially caused people to make inaccurate assumptions, which in turn could have/may have hurt my parents.

Since reading it yesterday, my brain as just been on fire, wondering how I could possibly mislead my audience like this.

So, I hope that this post helps right a wrong. And MOM and DAD if you read the first post, I am truly sorry, and I hope this faithful apology comes across sincere. 

Do you have someone in your life who you need to say you’re sorry too? It is never too late!