So I subscribe to an email notification that I look forward to receiving every day. I find that it gets me to reflect and/or see myself differently.  It’s called the Inner Pilot Light.  Not too long ago, an email talked about relationships as “sacred contracts.”  This particular email gives permission for people and things to come and go.

 While I have always subscribed to the idea that there is a time and place for everyone in your life, I really like how Lissa Rankin talked about love and relationships. 

All relationships in your life are sacred contracts, and all sacred contracts are opportunities to learn life’s lessons—in all of life’s greatest light and all of life’s inevitable shadow…

…What you may not know is that each deal gets renegotiated every day, and sometimes it’s just time to alter or end the sacred contract—and that’s okay. Nothing is wrong. It’s not your fault. It’s not his or hers either. There’s nothing to fix. It is what it is….

…But don’t forget—the love doesn’t have to end just because the contract does. Sometimes it’s simply time for love to change form. Your spouse can become your baby daddy, your BFF, or your business partner. Your mother can transform into your roommate. If you resist attaching to the form love takes, you’ll be free to flow with the river of love as it sweeps you into its current and draws you to the banks of greater ease, grace, and fluidity.

People and Things Can Come and Go

It is hard to remember this when we are feeling sad, mad, guilty, or just needing to let go. It is difficult to acknowledge that people and things can come and go in our life and that not everyone/everything is there to stay.  This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 

So much of the work you do is about finding what is best for you; about knowing your intentions and setting healthy boundaries.

Ask yourself, how has this played out in your life? Is there a contract in your life that needs your attention? Is there a difficult conversation you’re ready to face?  When we clear out the old we make room for the new. 

Let’s chat, I would love to help.