I have been doing some reflecting recently. Typically I go through these seasons multiple times throughout the year where I reflect on who I’ve become, where I’m at and where I’m headed.

To the outside world, this could appear sort of depressing and down-right uncomfortable as I slow things down, turn inward, and spend time with myself.  For me it is quite the opposite, it’s rather invigorating.


Where I’m At  & Where I’m Headed

My reflection today was on where I’m at in life.

So, have you ever gotten to the top of a ladder and realized it is leaning against the wrong wall? It is a great metaphor for life. Many people are scared to admit their ladder is against the wrong wall.

Yet, if you think about it, climbing back down, readjusting the ladder to the right wall, and then starting the climb again doesn’t have to be painful or scary.

I, too, have had to readjust.  A few years ago, I was rocking a fabulous Executive Director position. I had amazing staff and we had excellent cohesion. Yet I knew I wanted and needed something more.

Had I wronged myself for this, had I told myself to suck it up and appreciate what I have achieved.  I probably would remain at that job today. The truth is, at that point, I was in a job that satisfied me but didn’t light me up.

Don’t get me wrong — I appreciate all that job had to offer me and teach me, but I honestly believe that had I remained there, I wouldn’t be giving the organization all they deserved. Possibly worse yet, I could’ve become disgruntled or made myself sick by not allowing myself to speak my truth.

These are all things we will never know.  But all things that I have directly seen impact those I coach that keep their ladder against the wrong wall.


Road Less Traveled

But here is where the story takes a turn.  I didn’t remain in that job.  Even though at the time, staying there felt like the easy way, I didn’t let the discomfort of the unknown overpower the discomfort of staying in the same place.  It would have been easier to stay where I could predict how things would go.  But I would not have been happy.

Instead, I let myself feel the fear and I jumped. More accurately, I climbed down the ladder and readjusted.

Today, what I realized while reflecting, is that I never have permitted myself to celebrate the fact that I did it.   That I got to the top and admitted I was on the wrong wall.

I didn’t listen to what other people were saying about me or let other opinions influence my decision. It may have been the road less traveled, but I am better for it!

If you are realizing your ladder is against the wrong wall and you want help readjusting, let’s connect. I can help you discover what “lights you up” and how to step into it!