Beautiful things come in many packages.  I’ve always loved beautiful things, old and new. For so long, I felt guilty about this, as if by loving and desiring beautiful things I was aiming to “keep up with the Jones.”
Despite wanting new things, I felt it was greedy, so I was overly cautious about my spending habits. In my mind, I often made others wrong for buying new things, thinking things like, “What a waste of money,” or “Why do you need all new stuff for your baby?”
Over time, I’ve realized I thought this way of others because I was not comfortable with myself. In short, I was jealous because we didn’t have the financial means to buy everything new.
So instead of buying new, I would find old things and try to repurpose them for the home. Over time, I became known for having this knack, the ability to find unique, old pieces and display them or make them functional. I loved doing it, and the feedback was beyond positive.
Fast forward to today, and I have a love for both the old and new. I love being able to combine the two to provide people with a beautiful and unique space in their home.
In the end, it really isn’t about the amount of money spent. It comes down to what makes a space feel comfortable.
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