For months, Jill had been feeling weighed down. But by what, she didn’t know. She felt like her life was organized and her routine was established.

What Jill didn’t take into account was the emotional clutter in her life: the one-sided friendships, her tendency to compare herself to others, the need for approval from everyone.

It was only once she started thinking about what truly served her emotionally that she understood where that heavy feeling had been rooted. And it was then that she could start to take action.

As demonstrated in Jill’s story, clutter isn’t just about the things in your life — it’s also about the feelings in it. This is referred to as emotional clutter, and unfortunately, it can be the most draining type of clutter of them all.

But there is a way to sort through such clutter: this is where my Life Coaching program comes in.

I provide clients with powerful, in-depth, one-on-one life coaching to tackle issues brought on by emotional clutter. Together we will work to uncover, create, and accelerate your “life design.”

More specifically, my coaching sessions will help you:

  • Start/expand your dream business
  • Bring out the best version of you
  • Get clarity on your goals
  • Step out the right chain of action to accomplish your goals
  • Overcome hurdles and barriers preventing you from succeeding
  • Establish long-term patterns for success
  • Create patterns to feel better—physically and emotionally— and thrive.

Interested in coaching? Take the first step in changing your life and set up a consult with me.