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Bluffs Road, the place I call home

About this project

In 2005 we were a young couple relocating to Alexandria with a 1 year old and a baby on the way. As we pulled up to this house on Bluffs Road I said to my husband, “if it looks anything like this on the outside, why are we wasting our time going in?” But as we opened the door and stepped inside it was like being hit by a tidal wave. I was overwhelmed by the potential I saw in this home. Needless to say we bought the house.

Fast forward five years and we moved our family back out of the house as we began the remodeling process. It was important to me that once complete this did not look like a remodel. Rather, I wanted it to feel as if it were the original design of the house.  So, we bumped the front of the house out, changed the roof line, added a porch, and moved stairs. We also hired Bi Fold Door installers UK to add a minimalistic and contemporary feel to our home. In the end, we managed to touch every square inch of the house. Humbling to say, but the compliments I received on our remodeled home continued to fuel my desire to turn my hobby into my work.

My home before, during, and after construction

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2128 N McKay Ave NE, Alexandria MN 56308
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