Saturday Sessions with Jessica

Be Ok With Where You Are

Being Okay With What You Are Feeling

Being okay with what you are feeling can be challenging during unsettling times. But even more important is to remind yourself there is no “right” or “wrong” emotion.

Some may feel shame for being sad or melancholy when they know others have lost loved ones.  Others, feel restless and then guilty because they should just be thankful everyone in their home is healthy.  While others may feel anger and feel disappointed in themselves because others have it so much worse.

There Is No “Right” or “Wrong” Feeling

No matter what, we have every right to feel what we feel.  But also hold the space others to be where they are.  This is not a comparison game.  we are not here to judge who is or sin;t more deserving of their feelings.  We are all in this together and it’s ok that we are not being the perfect mother, wife or friend right now. This is new territory for everyone and you have every right to your feelings.

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