Striving to be perfect isn’t healthy, yet so many think they need to be. So, I am a spiritual person, but private about it. I connect with my creator regularly though many different means. I don’t usually talk about my spirituality, because I have watched how it welcomes others’ judgment on how I do my relationship with God.

Yet, here is what I believe…my creator does not judge, s/he is all-loving and believes you and I are perfect just the way we are. We are allowed to make mistakes and veer off course and are welcomed with open arms when we come back. Because my beliefs go against some doctrines, I choose not to openly share my beliefs and have them attacked.

Striving to be perfect isn’t healthy, yet many think they need to be.

Recently, while in one of my endless media loops, just trying to hear and see the latest news on COVID 19, I heard some rhetoric that did not ring true for me, and I definitely don’t feel it is serving us well in this time. My creator is not here to be feared, to punish, or to judge.

The rhetoric was tied to our current situation and insinuated that COVID 19 has been brought down on us because we worship athletes, musicians, actors, money and that until we focus on Jesus and ask for our sins to be forgiven, our current situation will continue. I just have to say NOPE, NO WAY.

Yes, I am a silver-lining type of gal. I see this COVID 19 pandemic while tragic also offering some weird blessings: to get us to slow down, reconnect with our loved ones, and to focus on what truly matters. Not that this pandemic has been done to us because of our actions…rather as a result of the pandemic, I choose to see the many blessings.

You Are Good Enough

As I have witnessed in my coaching (and have experienced personally), we live in a world where many are striving to be perfect; forgetting themselves to please others; always trying to figure out the “right” thing to do; judging themselves for not being good enough, or feel like they are constantly letting others down. This message only perpetuates the sentiment that until I “do”, “act”, “be” a certain way that God will withhold his love for me and could cast me down with an illness that could kill me because I am not doing, acting or being a certain way. I don’t feel this message serves us. It is shaming people. Telling them how wrong they are. What I choose to believe is that the majority of people live a life of good intentions and are good people.

I welcome you to try on the ALL LOVING Creator and then go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are enough, just as you are!

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